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Thursday, April 24th

omorrow, White River High School will be participating in a training exercise to better prepare the school and community in the unlikely situation involving an active shooter.  For accuracy of the training, the exact time of the exercise will be unknown to staff and students.  The purpose of the training exercise is to evaluate the effectiveness of emergency procedures, provide additional practice to staff and students on how to respond during this type of an emergency situation, and provide an opportunity for law enforcement and rescue authorities to train in a realistic setting. Similar trainings have occurred in other schools throughout Pierce County and the country.

During the training exercise, your student and staff will be involved in an active shooter scenario as participants used to support both law enforcement and emergency responders.   While it is important that we have participation from as many students as possible, we also understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that precludes a student’s participation. Students who will not be participating will be able to study during the duration of the training exercise at the District Office – DDC Room at the District Office.

Please note that as a part of this drill, some students may be transported to our reunification site, Glacier Middle School, by our school buses after their section of the building is cleared.  This activity directly ties to one of our drill goals of examining our parent reunification process and student accountability.  Students will be supervised by staff throughout this time and will be transported back to White River High School prior to the end of the day for the drill debrief.

For any students who have a late start, early release, or have appointments during this day, you need to be aware that once the drill begins, they will not be able to enter or leave our campus.  Please make plans accordingly that fit your schedules and communicate with us regarding your decision with the form below.  *Please note that 120th Street will be blocked at Mundy Loss Road, and there will be no access allowed onto the White River High School campus.  In the event of a family emergency, please call 360-829-3814 to arrange for communication with a school administrator.

Request to Opt-Out of Participation in Active Shooter Drill
If you prefer for your student to not participate in the Active Shooter Drill, please download and print the Opt-Out Form under the Students t
ab, sign and return to our Security Officer, Janet Groves.


 White River School District Mission:
Ensure high levels of learning for all students preparing them for success beyond high school.

White River High School - School Performance Report link. There is a great deal of additional information which can be found on the OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) website We encourage you to use this website as well as our School Performance Report.

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