Parents and Athletes:
We are all so heartbroken over our student athletes losing their Spring sports season, especially our outstanding Senior class. Our Spring sports teams and athletes were poised to do some great things this Spring.  
We wish our Seniors the very best knowing they all will be accomplishing great things in their future. We appreciate the dedication, perseverance and sacrifices made during this difficult time for all.
We also wanted to check in with some information regarding Summer activities for those of you who have underclassmen participating in athletics.
This is what we know at this time:
  • Our campus and high school athletics remain closed and shut down.
  • There will be no athletics at the high school level until at least June 19 (per the WIAA).
  • We are still in Phase 1 per the Governor's plan. We are waiting to hopefully advance to the next stages. While the WIAA will offer guidelines and further guidance, each school district will be making the final decision regarding the level of activity that will take place in Summer athletics when we advance out of Phase 1.
  • Phase 3 (groups of up to 50 allowed) is when we feel that we can return to some form of off-season activities for most.
  • All sports may not be treated equally. For instance, football is a much different activity than golf, obviously.
  • The safety, cleaning and social distancing rules will still be in effect. 
  • The cleaning component for us will be unprecedented (more to come on this).
  • The NFHS (the national governing body of HS athletics) has just issued guidance regarding the reopening of athletics. The WIAA will be working off of this directive and will issue a Washington version that will be coming forth next week. 
  • We will be in touch with you regarding any new guidelines.
Also, June 1 is when the dead period ends and all coaches can begin coaching their kids. While we are still in Phase 1 and still closed, coaches can communicate sports specific messages to their athletes and continue to plan for the potential re-opening of our sports programs. However, they will not be able to hold any practices or workouts. 
We will be in touch as new information becomes available. 
Stay safe and take care.
Chris Gibson
District Athletic Director
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