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Running Start Students ... Seniors, don't forget to look for important information regarding graduation and other important events that you don't want to miss on the website.  It will be posted under the "Students" tab.

As a reminder to all full-time Running Start Students, White River High School is a closed campus.  Unless you have an appointment with a counselor, you are not to be on campus during school hours, 7:30 - 2:05. 


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White River High School Dress Code
Appropriate attire is expected at all times while on school grounds and at all school sponsored activities.  Students who violate the dress code may be asked to turn their shirt inside out, cover up with a jacket or other clothing, and/or call home for a change of clothes.  If arrangements cannot be made, students will be assigned to the in-school suspension room through the end of the day.  Students refusing to comply with the dress code may be subject to further disciplinary action.

       Hats: Students must remove all head-wear if requested to do so by a
                staff member.
      Face:  Must be uncovered at all times.  No sunglasses may be worn in
                the building.
        Tops:  Students must fully cover their stomach, back, shoulders
                (3-fingers width) and chest.
     Shorts, Skirts & Dresses:  Shorts, skirts and dresses must be longer
                than mid-thigh. Fingertip length is a good indication of appropriate
     Accessories:  All accessories (belts, jewelry, etc.) must not pose a
               safety hazard to self or others.  Please do not wear sharply spiked
               clothing, safety pins, long chains, etc.
     Footwear:  For safety and health reasons, footwear must be worn at
               all times.  Shoes with built-in wheels are prohibited.

For seniors who wish to submit a photograph taken by a private photographer to be published in the yearbook, below is a link concerning specifications for submitting individual senior photographs.


Senior Yearbook Photograph Specifications: