When can I check out my Chromebook?
A chromebook may be checked out from the library when the Student Handbook and Device Protection Plan are signed by student and guardian.  Check-out will be during the first week of school.  

What if I do not want my child to check-out a Chromebook?
Your child should bring their own computer daily. The computer should have a working keyboard and should run well enough that it does not cause the student to fall behind of his or her peers during lessons.

How will the devices get charged for daily use?
Students are expected to keep the charging cord at home and charge the Chromebook nightly.  The charging cords should remain at home so they do not get lost.  Each teacher will have a few charging cords for incidental school-day charging.

Why did the high school committee of teachers choose Chromebooks?  The Chromebook is efficient.  It powers on in approximately 6 seconds or less and surfs the web very quickly.  This preserves instructional time.  The device can be managed and updated remotely from the Tech Center.  This creates less down-time for students and teachers by devices not needing to be taken from the student for updating.  Learning apps can be sent to the Chromebooks wirelessly and at the same time to all Chromebooks by the Tech Center.  The device is affordable.  This allows all White River high school enrolled students to have devices beginning in the 2017-18 school year, rather than selecting only some grade levels to have them.  Students will receive a special model of Chromebook.  The HP X360 Chromebook allows students to experience tablet features (keeping tactile learning in mind) that will support many of the apps that are part of the high school curriculum, while at the same time, furnishing students with a traditional keyboard that works well for typing.

What should my child do if the device becomes damaged or goes missing? 
The damaged device should be brought by the student to the library clerk, Rhonda.  The student should fill out an Incident Report telling what happened and what damage they know about.  Lost devices should be reported immediately to Rhonda as well.

Do I need to fill out both forms?  No, starting in the 2018-19 school year the Responsible Use Agreement is  a part of the Student Handbook.  By signing off on the handbook, you have signed off on the Responsible Use Agreement. The Protection Plan form must be completed whether the plan is purchased or not.

What if I do not have the Internet or cannot afford it?
Please speak with Cody Mothershead about some low-cost alternatives.

How can I tell where my child has been surfing the internet on their Chromebook?
A report sharing internet use will be sent home weekly.  This automated email will be sent to the guardian email address listed in Skyward Family Access. 

Why am I being asked to accept or deny a protection plan?  Accidents happen.  The  Device Protection Plan, can lesson the liability to families.

How much is the protection plan and how long does it last?  The protection plan is $30 and lasts one school year and expires on the last day school.  Students who apply to keep their Chromebook for the summer and are approved will have their Protection Plan extended until the new school starts.  Free and reduced students pay $10/$0 per year.  If this is a hardship for your family, please speak to Cody Mothershead.

What does insurance cover?
Please read the Protection Plan form to learn what is specifically covered.

White River School District Device Protection Plan 2019-20
Am I required to purchase the Protection Plan?
No, it is not required.  However, you will financially responsible for loss or damage to the Chromebook.  Compare the Chromebook to a library book.  A Chromebook is much more expensive than a library book.  Purchase of the Protection Plan is encouraged.

Can I print from my Chromebook?  At this time, printing is not permitted.