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White River High School
Ensuring high levels of learning for all students, preparing them for successes beyond high school.
Recognized as a National Model PLC School
2022 School Profile



Principal: Cody Mothershead

Assistant Principal: Stephanie Kraft

Assistant Principal: Joe Birklid

Dean of Students: TJ Suek

26928 120th Street East

PO Box 1683

Buckley, WA 98321

(360) 829-3352

White River School District

240 North A Street

PO Box 205

Buckley, WA 98321

Phone: (360) 829-0600

Fax: (360) 829-3368 whiteriver.wednet.edu




The Hornet Way:

At White River High School, we believe that students should be recognized for their positive contributions to our school and community. We ask students to reflect The Hornet Way regularly in

their daily lives by being safe, responsible, and respectful in everything they do, which we refer to as “being a Hornet.” WRHS staff and students can recognize each other for displaying these attributes by filling out a Positive Referral. Students are recognized on a weekly basis for showing The Hornet Way.

District Values:

Equity: Achieved by ensuring a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students, high quality instruction in every classroom, a balanced assessment system, additional time and support, and fair and accurate grading systems.

Collaboration: The mission of ensuring high levels of learning for all students requires the work of high-performing teams operating as a professional learning community at work.

Relationships: Strong, respectful, supportive, and trusting relationships are the foundation of our work.

District Focus Areas:

The White River School Board and Superintendent set annual goals for the district. The goals for the 2022-2023 school year are very focused on learning and are as follows:

Focus Area 1: Effective and rigorous academic and social-emotional Tier 1 instruction in every classroom

Focus Area 2: A culture of collective staff efficacy

Focus Area 3: Close student learning gaps by data

Student Enrollment:              
Ninth grade: 341
Tenth grade: 328
Eleventh grade: 322
Twelfth grade: 280
Total students: 1,271
Student Ethnicity:
Ethnicity Graph
School Statistics:
Students: 1,271
Certificated Classroom Teachers: 55
National Board Certified Teachers: 3
Administrators: 4
Student:Teacher Ratio: 23:1


Graduation Requirements:

Students graduating from White River High School must accumulate a minimum of 24 credits. One half-credit validates successful completion of one semester class. Required subjects are as follows:

English (4 credits)

Fine Arts (1)

Mathematics (3)

Fine Art OR Personalized Pathway (1)

Science (3)

Career and Technical Education (1)

Social Studies (3)

Life Skills (0.5)

Health and Fitness (2) Electives (3)

World Language or Personalized Pathway (2)

Students are also required to complete a High School and Beyond plan (0.5 credits), complete Washington State History, and successfully complete a Graduation Pathway

Dual Credit and Advanced Course Options:

16 Advanced Placement and Honors course selections

5 College in the High School courses through Central Washington University

3 College in the High School courses through Eastern Washington University

33 courses with dual credit opportunities through Pierce College, Bates Technical College, Clover Park Technical College, and Seattle Central College

Over 40 career certification opportunities

Hands-on Employment Education in partnership with Pierce County Skills Center

Running Start program in partnership with Pierce College, Green River College, Clover Park Technical College, and Bates Technical College.

Grading (unweighted):

A                    Mastery                     4.0

A-        Approaching Mastery            3.6

B                    Proficiency                 3.4

C-       Approaching Proficiency       2.8

D                   Basic                          2.4

F                    Beginning                   2.0

Class of 2022 Graduation Rate:
Class of 2022 Graduation Rate